Evaluate and Process Inactive User Accounts


Technician 3




30 min

Governance Categories:

Identity, Security


  • Updated user inactivity records
  • Improved security
  • Proper governance

Evaluate and Process Inactive User Accounts

Published: August 13, 2020

Step 1

Log into the PortalFuse dashboard. First, open the app https://yourtenant.portalfuse.io/

The Users page is the default page that opens.

Step 2

Select the “User Activity” button from the global filters section. That will open a modal with an interactive pie chart you can use to filter the Users data frame.

Step 3

Select the “Inactive” portion of the pie chart. The data frame will reload with only users that have been inactive within the previous 90 days.

Step 4

In the Users data frame, sort the User Full Name column. Depending on how many users have been inactive, you can further refine the search by using one of the column filters.

Repeat the following steps for each inactive user.

Step 5

Expand the row container for an inactive user and check if there is a manager assigned. If there is, contact the manager and determine if there is a legitimate reason for the inactivity.

Select the “View Assigned Licenses” button.

Step 6

Set all the license toggles to inactive (orange). When you are done, select the “Update” button.

Step 7

Select the “View Assigned Roles” button and set all the role toggles to inactive (orange). When you are done, select the “Update” button.

Step 7

Select the “View Assigned Devices” button and determine if there are devices to wipe. 

Select the “Open in Devices” button for each device and determine if it’s an Intune enrolled device or not.

Step 8

For Intune enrolled devices, select the “Actions” button for the device.

Choose “Wipe device” from the drop-down menu.

Step 9

Document the outcomes for each inactive user account and any remaining/blocking tasks that need to be completed.



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