A sample of workflows you can use with PortalFuse for Intune maintenance and governance tasks.

Technician I

Technician I refers to tasks that help desk and support staff perform on a daily basis as part of opening and initially triaging support tickets. Technician I tasks typically involve basic information retrieval, user onboarding and offboarding, updating user data, and ticket coordination with other technicians.

Technician II

Technician II refers to the technicians who are directly diagnosing and evaluating devices and issues arising from support tickets. Technician II tasks include changing the configuration settings of user accounts and devices, issuing corrective actions to devices, like restart or wipe, assigning and deploying apps, and many others. These are the technicians that are closing support tickets.

Technician III

Technician III refers to the architects who are more focused on the overall design and operation of the solution environment. Technician III’s research and deploy baselines, configure device policies, monitor and evaluate environment events, enforce compliance and life cycle requirements, and plan large IT projects. These senior technicians also coordinate with third-party vendors to coordinate additional resources and services.

PortalFuse workflows make sense

Made by Microsoft Desktop and Device experts who use Intune every day – and wanted to do things smarter.

We designed PortalFuse around the workflows we have standardized our best practices around. We’re passionate about IT Governance! 

The problem we kept running into was that you have to switch between multiple portals to complete basic tasks and that added a lot of clicks and back and forth. It is frustrating – even for MVPs.

So we built PortalFuse around the workflows we use every day with our customers and put the features you need, where you need them. Welcome to …











Workflows Put Actions at Your Fingertips

How many times have you drilled down to a device in the management console, copied the GUID, and then had to open another portal to complete your task?

We’ve created a simple interface that allows you to issue actions* to a single device or to a set of devices – all from the same screen.


Azure AD Device Actions*

PortalFuse leverages the latest beta Graph API published by Microsoft, which means we can issue many of the device actions found in the management console. The API is still in beta, so new actions may be added and others may still be removed before it is moved to production.


Easy to Use Data Frame

Our filterable and sortable data frames can be used to quickly export a list of users or devices to a .CSV file . You can work with single users or devices or work on them in bulk. 


Bulk Group Assign

One of PortalFuse’s most important features finally allows you to bulk assign a set of users or devices to a group.

You can also easily assign device policies to groups to increase efficiency during larger IT projects, such as cloud migrations.