A Unified Intune User and Device Experience

Eliminate 30% of the work from daily governance tasks

We built PortalFuse based on the needs of real-world enterprise governance. We eliminated a bunch of the back and forth between screens so you can complete tasks more efficiently.

Deploy Industry-grade Intune Policy Templates

PortalFuse is setting the standard for configuring baseline Intune policies. Our mission is to release Intune policy baselines that our customers can use to get up and running faster and smarter.

Enterprise Security Through Microsoft Authentication

All PortalFuse access to your tenant is authorized with your Azure AD account to ensure that your data is protected. With MFA enabled, you know that your data is secure.

What is PortalFuse?

Efficient and Powerful Workflows for User and Device Management

Organizations face an uphill battle keeping up with proper user and device maintenance and compliance – the Intune management console is a big part of the problem.

PortalFuse delivers an intuitive and simple, modern management experience.

Screenshot of Users page in PortalFuse displaying key tools and data

Intune User Management Unleashed

We’ve added filters and interactive charts to help you drill-down into troublesome user accounts. Lookup their registered devices, group assignments, roles, application licenses, and a log of authentications.


Start a Teams Chat or Send an Email

We added tools to quickly contact a user in your organization. You can copy the user’s Email address, create an email in your email client or start a Teams chat right in the data frame.


Quickly Remediate Inactive Users

Inactive user accounts cost organizations money and open up security issues. Easily operationalize identity governance with PortalFuse.


Perform an Action on Multiple Users With One Click

Eliminate hours of repetitive tasks. Filter down to a collection of users and issue an Intune action to each user in the set. Currently, you can add/remove users to a group, export their details, disable their account, and sign them off.


Easy Access to User Licenses

Direct and Group-based User license management in PortalFuse is a breeze. The simple yet powerful interface provides access to the licenses available in your tenant and to assign them with a toggle.

Find Azure AD User

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Lookup User Authentications

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Assign a License

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

User Account Details in One Place

PortalFuse was designed to make it easier for helpdesk staff to quickly gather the user account details needed to open support tickets. From basic contact information to application sign-ons, all in one place.


Move Users Between Groups

One of the most important features we’ve built into PortalFuse is the ability to move user accounts between groups. Whether one at a time or in bulk, Intune group management now makes sense.

Manage Registered MDM Devices

Quickly drill down to any MDM registered device and find out critical hardware and software information. From there, you can issue any Intune action supported by the Graph API.

Export Device Compliance Policies

Develop a baseline device compliance policy and export it as a .JSON file for further refinement, testing, and deployment. You can export a wide range of data and policies from PortalFuse.

Microsoft Experts Kevin Kaminski MVP and Martins Kurtiss designed PortalFuse to simplify Modern Management in the Cloud

Make Quick Work of Your Intune Device Fleet

The PortalFuse device data frame brings everything together that helpdesk staff and technicians need to complete a dozen common governance tasks. With time-saving filters and interactive charts, isolate and immediately perform actions on devices. 


Filter Devices By OS, Compliance, and More

Sort and filter devices based on important health and security metrics that are vital for proper device governance as well as common support tasks.


Over a Dozen Remote Actions

PortalFuse leverages the power of Graph API to issue remote actions to your device fleet. From a basic Defender scan or update to a device sync or remote lock, you can access remote actions with a single click.


Perform an Action on Multiple Devices with One Click

With PortalFuse, you can now issue a remote action to a collection of devices. Simply select which devices you want to work on and select a bulk action from a list of available actions. You can also export device details for the bulk collection.

Screenshot of Devices page in PortalFuse displaying key tools and data

Find a Device

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Export Device User Details

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Sync a Device

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Screenshot of Groups page in PortalFuse displaying key tools and data

Group Management Features Administrators Need

PortalFuse gives you real control over your groups. Easily look up assigned users. registered devices, security policies, and application assignments in one place.


Move Users Between Groups

Its easy to move users between groups or copy users to another group. A feature needed for migration projects, group maintenance, and sound governance practices.


Enhanced Policy Visibility

In just a couple of clicks, you can view all the policies assigned to a group. Take the guesswork out of your security and compliance policies.


Move Devices Between Groups

With just a few clicks, move or copy multiple devices from one group to another. A more intuitive group management experience.


View Group Application Assignments

The Groups data frame gives you the ability to view the applications assigned to a group. Increase

Find an Azure AD Group

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Export Group Users to CSV

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Move Users Between Groups

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Intune Policies Just Got an Upgrade

We give you tools to properly manage your configuration profiles and compliance policies. You can view, download, backup, and replace your policies with a single click. Easily view the users, devices, and groups that are assigned to a policy.


Export Users, Devices and Groups

Our policy actions allow you to export the users or the devices or the groups assigned to a policy as a CSV. 


Backup Your Policies to the Cloud

Before you begin tweaking a policy, create a backup stored in the cloud. If something goes wrong, simply restore your policy from the backup!


PortalFuse Policy Template Repository

PortalFuse now provides access to a collection of policy templates you can use to get started quickly. From application protection profiles to compliance policies and much more!

Screenshot of Policies page in PortalFuse displaying key tools and data
Screenshot of the Actions menu for each policy
Screenshot of the raw JSON for a policy.
Screenshot of the Devices assigned to a policy

Find an Intune Policy

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Download Intune Policy

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

Create Intune Policy

See how it’s done in PortalFuse

PortalFuse Office 365 Report

The Office 365 Report provides real-time insights into the usage metrics of Office 365 in your organization. Easily identify users that aren’t using their licenses. From there you can contact the user or downgrade their license.


Minimize License Costs

The Office 365 Report provides visibility on those licenses in your tenant, which can consume a lot of IT time and money. Downgrade licenses and reduce your costs.


Desktop, Mobile, or Web?

See where your users access applications from and determine if there are barriers to adoption that could be affecting productivity.


Export Report to CSV

When you are dealing with large numbers of users, it is more efficient to generate a list you can work with. Click the Export button and save the report contents (as .CSV) to your local machine.

Screenshot of Office 365 Report in PortalFuse displaying key tools and data